Bhuvanyu Singh


Learn About Me & my Culture.

Born to Yuvraj Jaisingh Sisodia and Rajkumari Ratna Singh, Bhuvanyu is the prince of two princely states, Pratapgarh in Rajasthan and Kalakankar in UP. Though He was born and brought up in Delhi he often visited his princely states and is quite familiar with the land, people and culture.
He studied at Doon school at Dehra Dun and then graduated with a degree in Political science and economics from Delhi University. He also completed the certified course for real estate agents and home loan agents. During the holidays he'd often come to help his mother, Rajkumari Ratna Singh in her constituency.

 After graduation, he started his own business.

His company specializes in VIP security and provides tactical and combat training, security consultation, auditing, security and surveillance equipment throughout India.

 Pratapgarh being an agrarian district, taught Bhuvanyu a lot about agriculture in India and he's the director of Bhumishree Farm and Farming products. It's food processing and packaging unit prepares local food for sale.

 He's also the director of Bhu1u Electro Pvt Ltd, which deals with the import, export, assembly, and retail of electronics and he is a Director in Mii Technologies, which specializes in web designing, software, and app development as well as cyber security. 

But while he is an adept businessman his true passion is social work. Having grown up so close to the people Bhuvanyu is extremely empathetic towards their needs and eager to help them. He does so through his NGOs. He's a director of Kalakankar Foundation and the founder of iGive.
He has distributed solar lights to areas with little to no electricity, provided assistive equipment to physically disabled people, held training camps, and so on through Kalakanker Foundation.

Our Story


He's an aspiring politician, very active in the UP political scene and through all his benevolent behavior and generosity is already loved by the people. They know he is approachable and helpful and have no qualms about approaching him with any sort of problem for help.

On a personal level he enjoys, music, photography, shooting, RC flying, travelling and is interested in electronics and cars; he is skilled with technology. He divides his time between handling his businesses in Delhi and politics in Pratapgarh.